Training services are activities intended to assist a recipient in acquiring, maintaining, or improving skills and/or knowledge. This training is intended to assist a recipient to achieve or maintain independence in the performance of routine, daily tasks. It is also intended to assist a recipient in accessing and utilizing community resources. Qualifying services include:


  1. Training in self-care activities such as grooming, bathing, toileting, shaving, dressing, and feeding.
  2. Training in nutrition, diet, and food purchase and preparation.
  3. Training in community living skills such as money management, home care maintenance, using the telephone, telling time, solving problems, and handing emergencies.
  4. Training in leisure/recreation activities and using recreational opportunities.
  5. Training in family and life activities.
  6. Training in travel activities, such as utilizing public transportation, utilizing specialized services, achieving mobility within the neighborhood, and employing reasonable safety precautions.
  7. Training in decision-making, assertiveness and self-advocacy in dealing with citizenship, legal, family, and/or social needs.
  8. Developing or remediating communication skills.
  9. Training in medication management and self-administration.
  10. Training in mobility, including the use of adaptive devices.
  11. Training in communication including receptive language, expressive language, vocabulary development, sign language, conversation, expressing feelings and using communication devices.